Everyday there is  breech of more data or more info released without the owner of that data even knowing it.  Cyber attacks are real, and it is slowly becoming not if you will get hit but when.

If you would like a FREE cyber-security assessment with no obligation to purchase anything, please call our office and set up an appointment for us to meet at your office (734)288-8327


Below is a quick reminder of things to be WATCHFUL of. You should also send a version of this to your employees so they stay vigilant:

• Do NOT open ANY attachments from people you don’t know, no matter how pressing it seems or tempting it is to open. Delete it. If it’s truly important, they’ll call you.

• Be on high alert for phishing e-mails from PEOPLE YOU KNOW. If it “feels” off or wrong, don’t click on any links or open the attachment. Their system could be compromised and being used to scam everyone in their in-box.

• If any Microsoft Office application ever asks you to “Enable Macros,” do not accept.
• If you get a call from the “tech department” requesting you log them in, HANG UP and call us direct on our main number: 734-288-8327.

• Only go to known, ESSENTIAL websites.

• Do NOT connect to the company’s network (e-mail, cloud apps, etc.) via home PCs or personal devices.

If you suspect an attack or virus, do NOT reboot. Disconnect the PC/device from the network and call us at 734-288-8327 immediately.

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