While we have had MANY success stories about upgrading to Windows 10, (arguably the best Windows release from Redmond ever) We have compiled a list of 6 reasons to steer clear of the upgrade and just hang tight with what you have. Don’t forget that if you are going for the “free” upgrade, you need to do it this month or the option will be gone.

1. Software / Hardware compatibility: It is quite possible that the old word processor program you have loved for so many years does not run on a Win 10 device. Or worse yet, all your cat videos won’t play!!! Make sure any software that you can’t do without will play nice with Windows 10. This includes any printers or attached devices. You can run a program from Microsoft’s website or do some research (ah hem… Google) to see if your device is supported.

2. Ads… seriously…. : Yup, Microsoft uses targeted ads to get you to upgrade MS office or download Skype and many other things. Microsoft store ads will also pop up based on your purchasing behavior. Additionally, full lock screens will also display ads for major releases. The cool part is that you can turn these off. Not easily but they can be turned off.

3. What privacy? You may or may not have seen all the ways Microsoft is now tracking users in Windows 10. Some of the concerns are valid (especially if you use the express settings option during setup), others are from the tin foil hat crowd. As mentioned above, your purchases in the Windows store are tracked, programs you install, you typing and what you do in the Edge browser are also tracked. Luckily, a lot of these tracking items can be removed, however not all can. If you are worried about basic info getting used by Microsoft, steer clear of the 10 upgrade.

4. See Ya Media Center… With 10, Windows Media Center is only a memory 🙁 If you like Media Center and need to keep using it, stick with 7 or 8.1. You also don’t have anyway to play a DVD that is built into Windows 10. You can however download a 3rd party program for free that work very well to play DVD’s.

5. You Will Update!!!! With the addition of Windows 10, you no longer can choose what updates will get installed on your machine. You can delay the installation but eventually it will push the update even if you don’t want it. There are a few ways to be able to chose when to update but for the most part, you are getting that update. If you don’t like that idea, stick with 7 or 8.1.

6. Don’t Go Changing…. If you are one of those people who HATE change (especially when it comes to technology) then don’t upgrade. There are a ton of new features that are better on Windows 10, however it does change the way things work. Some people hate that, if you are one of them, don’t upgrade. Additionally, if you don’t have your data backed up (I will save that lecture for later), then don’t upgrade. While all of our upgrades have been worry free, We have had some users lose important files and not be able to get them back.

Hopefully this gives you something to think about! While we have upgraded and really like Windows 10, it is important to present some of the downfalls of upgrading. As always, if you get stuck with anything in the technology world, feel free to give us a call day or night @ (734)288-8327.

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