IMPORTANT:   Your software is approaching the end of its life 

Summary: Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012, the software that runs your business’s server, will soon reach the end of its life. 

What does this mean? Microsoft will not provide technical support, bug fixes, or security updates for this software anymore. 

When will this happen? October 10, 2023 

For your business, your server is the heart of your technology. Unfortunately, the working life of your business’s current server is ending. 

Your server is run by Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012, which reaches end-of-life on October 10, 2023. 

This means there will be no more tech support, bug fixes, or security improvements for this software from Microsoft. 

Microsoft considers its Windows Server 2012 obsolete, and after October 10, the company will not be able to help if something goes wrong or if an important security vulnerability is found. 

Don’t wait until October to act! 

We want to ensure you don’t see any disruptions to your normal business operations. Please don’t wait until October to act on this change.  

Depending on the amount of data that must be transferred, moving to a new server or to the cloud can take a lot of planning and will require some time.  

Our company does this all the time for businesses. We are experts at mitigating the disruption to your business, while simultaneously helping this upgrade improve your team productivity, cyber security safety, and collaboration. 

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